Guest Blog: the best thing i have seen in years


Ardente - Memorial Para Pedro e Ines


A poetry of light

and mask (masque)


of such determined intensity

Is this the "cosmic" theatre of Leszek Madzek

or the "cosmic" theatre of our dreams


Our eyes cannnot leave the stage

and yet

there is no stage

but a strange world

of sound and motion

antidiluvian in aspect

Tears of joy

Love revealed

We tremble in our seats

attempt to awaken

from this dream

but the actors

hypnotize us

mesmerize us


a story is revealed


we have dreamt before

in the flames of our unconscious

The music pulses in our veins

a shrieking voice demands recognition



we collapse in our seats


Lights come on

We leave the theatre

but the theatre has not left us

A black shrouded bent female figure


reaching out a terribly deformed hand

pleading with eyes

hardly visible

under twisted and suffering skin

to ask

for Mercy

and money



to Luis Vicente

the Actors

the Musicians

the Technical Crew


for an extraodinary event

One which

everyone should experience!


sent with love

on the fourth day of october 2011



white oak man aka john gruntfest

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Back to the future

Have you heard scientists have discovered that neutrinos travel faster than light? This is BIG news. If it’s true, it implies that time travel is possible. Who hasn’t wished for a moment of return to another era? We have a show coming up which I absolutely can’t wait for everyone to see. Zac Jaffe’s Heroes and Other Strangers is the kind of play that satisfies my urge to return to the past while experiencing something totally new. When Kira and I saw it at the Fringe, we were blown out of our seats... for a standing ovation. If you (weren’t too stoned to) remember Firesign Theater, this show is like a cool new radio play with the crazy elements of a psychedelic Nick Danger. Take a look at the old:

get ready for something completely different!  I may live in the past, but the past is the future!

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I'm an addict

I’m an addict. “Words with Friends” (the virtual scrabble game) has me in its clutches. I’ve tried to quit, but the pleasant tingle of my iphone tempts me into submission. Funny how when you’re winning, you think you’re brilliant, and when you’re losing you blame it on bad luck! In fact, I’ve begun to see the game as a metaphor for life, if not life itself. The letters come randomly - there’s no rhyme or reason for what gets thrown your way. You’ve gotta deal with the scrambled tiles skillfully and strategically if you want to play, even when it’s not possible to win, in which case you better lose with dignity. I never thought of myself as competitive, but I’ve begun to imagine myself in combat boots, staring down the enemy. With this new perspective, I even have a new appreciation for my family’s favorite activity: football. I now happily attend games…with iphone in hand.

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Aura Workshop!!!

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism and object in the Universe. This is not just woo woo, it's science. If you're a skeptic, I strongly suggest you come to our salon on October 16th for The Color Path Workshop: Energetic Boundaries 2.0. You'll be amazed at what you'll discover about auras and about yourself. If you're already convinced, you'll definitely want to join us to hone your aura-reading skills. If not for my spontaneous aura sightings, I'd never have dreamed up the cell. If you have unfulfilled dreams, or if you just want to know more about auras and/or yourself, this is the place for you. I, personally, can't wait! 
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3 AM

3 AM Can’t sleep

Thoughts fly like the contents of my morning shake when I neglect to put the top on the Osterizer due to lack of shut eye

I digress

Flying thoughts gnaw like my dog at her paw where a noxious lump has sprung

I digress

Thoughts fly someone dying (not I) denying as if …

it’ll all be better in the morning


I digress

Thoughts fly a dream (not mine) Someone appears planting a goodbye kiss “see you later” he coos as he woos

is it death? I ask

I digress

Thoughts fly gravity intervenes (it always does)

I am awake.

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Luna Moth

Luna Moth

A pale monster, the green color of an alien, visited me one evening while I was doing nothing much. It was a rather small monster. Actually, it was a moth - the biggest moth I’ve ever seen.  At first I thought it was Tinkerbell coming to take me to Never Never Land…a girl can dream, can’t she?

Apparently attracted to the light, it was trying to find a way into my house. During it’s futile attempts to penetrate the great glass door, I stood watching from inside, close to the glass, and made a valiant attempt to take a picture.  But like a hummingbird, it never stopped moving. I was intrigued and curious. Just the other day Alan had pointed out a tiger swallowtail butterfly. Not much of a lepidopterist, I thought he was pulling my leg with that name: tiger swallowtail? Sounds like something of an oxymoron, don’t you think?

I got a bird’s eye view of my visitor – another incredible example of nature, but the photo I got looks more like… Tinkerbell.

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The End of the Day


I arrived home to relate my adventures to the guests. I felt like I’d lived a full day, yet it was only 8AM! And there was more to come. We all drove back to Montauk, ending up on a quiet little beach at the tip of the island.

I have a kind of weird hobby. I take photos of animals. The thing is, they’re dead. Yeah, I know. Sounds morbid, huh? But really, I see them as a meditation on life: how fragile, fleeting and mysterious. Can you see it?

As luck would have it, while the others headed for the sand, I spied a mouse in the parking lot. Dead. Naturally I snapped a few shots (see last week’s blog).  But the best was yet to come.

You know about those religious miracles that are in the news from time to time? Like Jesus on a piece of toast? Or a statue of the Virgin Mary shedding tears?

Well, when I got to the sand, I found a beautiful stone at my feet. Upon close inspection, I saw the face of Jesus. Yes I did. In fact it was the very same face I once saw on a rock in a dream. It’s true! I have a photo (and the stone) to prove it.

Now just to be clear, I do not believe in religion, but I do believe in nature. My god is nature.

Here’s the photo.

In the center you can see a very tiny bearded face. Looks a little like Bin Laden, but facing the opposite direction, like the forces of good and evil.


My day was complete. How lucky to find a dead mouse and Jesus in the space of an hour. Do I have an eye, or what?

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Good Morning

Good Morning

Waking at the crack of dawn, a flaming fuchsia heaven beckoned me to watch the sunrise. I slipped into my jeans, grabbed a sweatshirt, and quietly (not to disturb my houseguests, Kira, Anderson and Jen) herded my dogs into my car to head to the eastern end of the world.

I’ve been desperately trying to recapture a moment from the 70’s; a most magnificent sun rising on the Atlantic from Montauk. My drive to the shore delivered more than expected; fawn and fauna, some early rising hikers and bikers, and a magnificent sky. Counting down the minutes, Red Rubber Ball looping in my head, I raced like the wind to catch the sun.

BTW, did you know that Paul Simon wrote Red Rubber Ball (which, by The Cycles, sold 180,000 copies) before he was Paul Simon?

Anyway, I arrived at the beach, anxiously jumped from the car, dogs in tow, and found us face to face with a rather imposing antlered deer. Harry the horrible (he barks at all beasts) chased him into the dunes, but thankfully couldn’t keep up. We then scurried onto the beach just in time to catch the sunrise… alas, I had not travelled far enough. I watched the sunrise over land, not sea. Beautiful, but not the illusive sunrise I’d hoped for. On my drive home, nature revealed a gaggle of flying geese, a flock of mysterious birds, a family of turkeys grazing together with deer - all as awe inspiring as a perfect sunset.

To be continued…

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My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation

Off to the beach.

So, I was supposed to get cleansed. I was set to eat a rabbit’s diet of garden veggies, fruit, and little else, except Stoli O (I figured the “O” qualified as “fruit”).  The idea was to give my body and mind a rest while I focused on my bucket list of projects. The load in my head was interfering with my ability to be a kind and caring person.

No distractions. No interruptions. Just me, and the beach. Until…

The first call was a little desperate.

How could I say “no” to homelessness?

They came. Her husband - a rousing amalgam of Larry David and Woody Allen with a dash of Scrooge. Nice guy.

She is the kind of movie star glamorous you want to hate but can’t because she is just so damn charming, adorable, funny and perfect.

She is also skinny, so I was happy to follow her ascetic eating regiment for a few days. Hot water and lemon juice breakfast, vegan lunch, and liquid (read Stoli O) dinner. It is amazing how vodka can stave off even the most insidious hunger.

Next guest – by my invitation – a gourmet chef. What was I thinking?! This woman insisted I ate too little. We schlepped and shopped, pretty much clearing the shelves of the local markets and roadside stands to stock my bare cupboard, fridge, pantry, counter tops and the kitchen sink, lest I go hungry. She even insisted I give my dogs more food! I’ll admit her creations were impressive and delicious, and our spree saved me from the chore of marketing for the rest of the summer. Hmmm, I wonder how I've managed to survive...

Next up was my nearest and dearest invited Skinny Minnie (you know who you are) with an ass to kill for, which I almost did after being deprived of berries for almost a week. She brought The Metabolic Diet: the revolutionary diet that explodes the myths about carbohydrates and fats. She also toted a supply of carefully measured out ingredients and a list of forbidden foods. I kid you not. What, no berries? Need I say more?

Last but not least was another dear pal who imposed nothing but protein powder and the best Tartufo I’ve ever eaten! About the size of a bacci ball (we like Italian food), it was filled with caramel and dark chocolate, coated with hazelnut and the kind of delicious that inspires the worst food guilt I’ve ever experienced. Our husbands watched in horror as we shamelessly gluttonized. We can’t wait to do it again…someday.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t gotten any projects off my bucket list. Do I feel guilty? Hell, yeah! But I’ve figured out the food thing. Next time I will eat what ever I want… and maybe no guests?

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