Back to the future

Have you heard scientists have discovered that neutrinos travel faster than light? This is BIG news. If it’s true, it implies that time travel is possible. Who hasn’t wished for a moment of return to another era? We have a show coming up which I absolutely can’t wait for everyone to see. Zac Jaffe’s Heroes and Other Strangers is the kind of play that satisfies my urge to return to the past while experiencing something totally new. When Kira and I saw it at the Fringe, we were blown out of our seats... for a standing ovation. If you (weren’t too stoned to) remember Firesign Theater, this show is like a cool new radio play with the crazy elements of a psychedelic Nick Danger. Take a look at the old:

get ready for something completely different!  I may live in the past, but the past is the future!

Posted on September 30, 2011 and filed under Un-Blog Me!.