I'm an addict

I’m an addict. “Words with Friends” (the virtual scrabble game) has me in its clutches. I’ve tried to quit, but the pleasant tingle of my iphone tempts me into submission. Funny how when you’re winning, you think you’re brilliant, and when you’re losing you blame it on bad luck! In fact, I’ve begun to see the game as a metaphor for life, if not life itself. The letters come randomly - there’s no rhyme or reason for what gets thrown your way. You’ve gotta deal with the scrambled tiles skillfully and strategically if you want to play, even when it’s not possible to win, in which case you better lose with dignity. I never thought of myself as competitive, but I’ve begun to imagine myself in combat boots, staring down the enemy. With this new perspective, I even have a new appreciation for my family’s favorite activity: football. I now happily attend games…with iphone in hand.

Posted on September 23, 2011 and filed under Un-Blog Me!.