Good Morning

Good Morning

Waking at the crack of dawn, a flaming fuchsia heaven beckoned me to watch the sunrise. I slipped into my jeans, grabbed a sweatshirt, and quietly (not to disturb my houseguests, Kira, Anderson and Jen) herded my dogs into my car to head to the eastern end of the world.

I’ve been desperately trying to recapture a moment from the 70’s; a most magnificent sun rising on the Atlantic from Montauk. My drive to the shore delivered more than expected; fawn and fauna, some early rising hikers and bikers, and a magnificent sky. Counting down the minutes, Red Rubber Ball looping in my head, I raced like the wind to catch the sun.

BTW, did you know that Paul Simon wrote Red Rubber Ball (which, by The Cycles, sold 180,000 copies) before he was Paul Simon?

Anyway, I arrived at the beach, anxiously jumped from the car, dogs in tow, and found us face to face with a rather imposing antlered deer. Harry the horrible (he barks at all beasts) chased him into the dunes, but thankfully couldn’t keep up. We then scurried onto the beach just in time to catch the sunrise… alas, I had not travelled far enough. I watched the sunrise over land, not sea. Beautiful, but not the illusive sunrise I’d hoped for. On my drive home, nature revealed a gaggle of flying geese, a flock of mysterious birds, a family of turkeys grazing together with deer - all as awe inspiring as a perfect sunset.

To be continued…

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