We Worked like Dogs

We worked like dogs. We had two weeks. Non-stop physical, emotional, creative juices flowing. Pat Jones, the miracle worker, with a backbone to match her background… I had a hunch that our team could pull off an impressive demonstration of collaboration. I was right, and I love to be right (who doesn’t)!  For those of you who were there, you know what I’m saying. The idea, from Stephen Starosta, was simple (and brilliant); to create a performance to fit an immense art installation of bizarrely inspiring rooms. The result was greater than the sum, as they say. Mission fulfilled: to mine the mind, pierce the heart and awaken the soul. The whole evening was magical. THANK YOU to all participants: artists, and spectators. It was truly a marriage of theater, art and audience! WRITERS: Joan Baker, Pat Jones, Brian Rady, Stephen Starosta and me (NM)

DIRECTORS: Diana Basmajian, Jeremy Bloom

ACTORS: Aidan O'Shea, Lee Stark, Betsy Sanders, Jonathon Bock, Marco Formosa, Brett Aresco, Teddy Yudain, Tony Torn, Almeria Campbell, Heather Refvem, LaChrisha Brown, Mason Rosenthall, Britt Lower, Diana Beshara, Harry Einhorn, Molly Einhorn, Sara Pessa, Tjasa Ferme


***SPECIAL, SPECIAL THANKS to the incomparable

Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull

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