Master of the Universe: Garlia Cornelia Jones

Master of the Universe: Garlia Cornelia Jones Did you ever happen to look at the bio of Garlia Cornelia Jones? She has more degrees than a thermometer! If that wasn’t impressive enough, she has now earned her Masters in Fine Arts. Gar, enough already! We know you are brilliant, beautiful, talented, skilled and courageous. Definitely courageous. Aside from pioneering the cell’s bountiful BlackBoard series, your creative output of plays, photos, videos, and web design (to name just a few) makes us proud to have such an accomplished woman as a part of our team. We commend you for many jobs well done and congratulate you on your most recently earned degree from The New School of Drama. But mostly, Garlia Cornelia Jones, M.A., M.A., M.A., etc., I would like to say we love you for just being Garlia, the incredibly warm, loving, sensitive, sentient being we have come to know. Thank you.

Posted on June 11, 2010 and filed under Un-Blog Me!.