Guppies V: The Middle Way

Of Guppies, Big Fish and Ponds, Large and Small V.  The Middle Way I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! How unenlightened of me to boast. But boast I must! Whether or not he labels his path (I’ve never asked) it is evident that Preston (I know him as Skip)Stahly is walking the Middle Way.

Last week I had the intense pleasure of being his guest at a concert that was truly out of this world. Two of my favorite musicians performed that night: Mary Rowell and Geoffrey Burleson.

The NY Art Ensemble has been modestly presenting fantastic new American music for years. Finally, Skip’s slow and steady practice has resulted in a huge leap from the downtown Flea Theater to the uptown Merkin Concert Hall. Skip’s audience got too big for the downtown venues, including the cell. I knew it! People are people finally getting hip to what’s hip! Could it be that soulful art is back in style? No fancy sets, no expensive seats, just great stuff from remarkable artists. Skip may not be a BIG FISH, but he’s no guppy, either. Bravo.

If it is in the walking of the Middle Way that one discovers Nirvana, I think we’ve found the path. For a review:

*Kudos to the BIG FISH: "RED" was amazing.

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