Rod Revisited

Rod Revisited 2/2/11

Someone calling herself “Madonna” has called me out on the Rod Stewart incident. She says it’s not him. Not Rod Stewart? Wow! I was fooled? And not just me! Perhaps it was life imitating “The Truman Show.” Everyone was in on it, but me. All the nice strangers sitting around me and even the flight attendants! Well, I can imagine the crew playing along. That’d be good for an inside joke on a boring flight. But how’d they get the others to play along? Even my husband. Wow! Well this brings me to an interesting question: If it was NOT Rod Stewart, how does this change my life?

For a few days I was under the wonderful spell of delusion. When my reality was challenged, I had to consider the ramifications. If it was him, I had a brush with stardom. If I believed it was him, I believed I had a brush with fame. If it was not the real Rod Stewart, was I no longer cool? Did I make a fool of myself? And who the hay was he, anyway?

I really liked thinking that I had a brief encounter with Rod Stewart. Now I may never know the truth. Does it matter? And who the hay is this “Madonna” anyway? I kinda have to wonder if someone who calls herself “Madonna” isn’t bit delusional. Or maybe it is the real Madonna.

But then again, did my Rod Stewart have a prominent mole on his face? Surely I’d have noticed, wouldn’t I? And the eyebrows…they’re not quite right.

A Rod Stewart imposter? Could it be? I had a reason to believe. Truth be told, I’ve been compulsively searching for the answer. You might think I’m obsessed, but I don’t want to talk about it. Facebook, Celebrity Sightings, Celebrity Impersonators, other websites I didn’t know existed! Hours, days, precious time wasted, just to figure out if I was duped. Wake up, Maggie!!! Okay, I'll stop now. Tonight’s the night. I have to accept I will never know. It won't be the first time...This happened once before. I didn’t know what day it was. I was standing on line for a flight from NoLa to NY. I was convinced Sean Lennon, that beautiful boy, and his girlfriend were standing in front of me. I was sure, but I will never know, really...But just so you know, Rod, you’re in my heart.

Madonna, are you listening?

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