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Surviving Arts @ the cell When I log on to my email I get seduced. Celebrity news pops up like the abundant tulips on Park Avenue in the springtime. Who can resist such an alluring display of pomp and circumstance? But unlike the beautiful and benign eye candy on that lush avenue, the celebrity gossip is far from benign. Too often, when we can’t ignore, we sneer, laugh or just plain envy those special people whose status most of us will never achieve. Far from elevating us ordinary folks, we are turned into voyeurs who want to step into the shoes of the rich and famous or, worse, want to witness the failure of the great so as to assure ourselves that we are the lucky ones. I think there are two kinds of artists. Those that need to create, no matter the outcome, and those who create to seek fame and fortune. People need validation. We toil to make our marks lest we die forgotten, without being noticed or without a feeling of leaving the world a better place. The point of our Surviving Arts series is to make a clear representation of what it takes for art and artists to survive. We wish to convey that art survives because artists must survive and create no matter what the price. So, next time you see a celeb pop up on your computer screen, consider the value of their art, then consider the value of your support of the many talented artists you can see live at the cell!

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