Rod and Me

Rod Stewart and Me

In case you believe I am not occasionally star-struck, let me lay that idea to rest. I am, as I write, sitting next to Rod Stewart. To some of us (of a certain age) he is a living legend. If you are too young to know him, I suggest Maggie May enlighten you.

On this brief encounter on American Airlines, I had summoned up the courage to ask to take a photograph of him. He misunderstood, and quickly volunteered to pose for a picture with me! And just like that, the flight attendant snapped a shot.

“I grew up with you,” I remarked, as if I’d known him forever.

“I grew up with you.” He was totally charming and disarmingly understated.

I showed him the photo.

“It’s nice,” I assured.

“You look nice, “ he smiled. Maybe it was a mercy complement. Whatever.

He went back to his beads, the ones he was holding from the moment he embarked.

“Are you nervous?” I asked, as he fondled the Buddha beads. He looked like someone who he knew his way around Rosaries.

“No,” he shook his head. “Just bored.” I swooned from his adorable British accent. Even at sixty-something, he was adorable.

Rod Stewart was bored? I wanted to say, “When I’m bored, I like to write a song.” Was I really gonna suggest that to Rod Stewart?

“We saw you perform at Jones Beach in a torrential downpour.” I was relentless. “Under an umbrella. It was romantic.” Still agreeable, he smiled. His eyes sparkled. I swear he remembered that concert.

Our time together was dwindling. As we touched down, I took one long last look.

He wrapped his beads around one hand and crossed himself with the other.

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