The Real L Word

The Real L Word 6/1/10

the L word...Love? Lust? er, uh, Lesbian? With the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival upon us, the cell will once again open our doors as the lounge for the festival attendees. Since we are a company run by women who  enthusiastically support the LGBT film festival, you may be wondering about us. Are we, or aren't we? Who cares? We certainly love the NewFest folks!

As a not-for-profit organization, we’re not allowed to take a political position. I can't say that we support gay marriage. I can't tell you 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is nonsensical. I can't even extol the glory of gay adoption, though with four kids (and a husband) you can bet I’m a family woman. As for bisexuality and transgender issues, well, we are simply not allowed to state a politically questionable choice.

However, I can tell you that we LOVE what we do and we LUST for art in all its permutations. I can also tell you we love all people in their various permutations. Regardless of ours or your politics and sex preferences, no one will want to miss this film festival, and the honest to goodness new reality show, The Real L Word.

As for the women of the cell, we don’t beat around the bush. I always say it is not who you love, but that you love.  And, well, who doesn't love women?

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