Worst Song?

Strangest thing I heard on the radio, maybe you heard, too. The DJ took suggestions for the worst songs of the year and played them! Why would he do that?! Actually, I kind of liked the idea…One pick was Dave Matthew’s “Funny the Way It Is,” which is a song I really love. I was upset that someone would hate that song. It made me wonder about the person who chose it. He had such a strong negative reaction to the lyrics (not so much the music), I wished I could have asked him why. I love the song because it reflects my observer’s sensibility about the random nature of fate….the “there but for the grace…” aspect of life. I’m sure the guy was reacting to something personal; maybe he has a cushy life, or maybe a hard life, which might explain his aversion. Or, maybe he just didn’t like the lyrics?  




Posted on December 9, 2011 and filed under Un-Blog Me!.