'Twas the night of the opening

‘Twas the night of the opening

when all through the cell,

The staff was all quiet

After another day in hell.


The paintings were hung

On the walls with great care,

In hopes that family

and friends would be there.


Nancy was typing away at her blog

With Garlia, Kira and Pat in a fog.

Alan arrived with a headache or two

Looking for Advil, he needed a few…


“Hello?” cried an innocent voice from below.

“Has Barbara arrived yet?”

“Uh, sorry, but no.


She should arrive shortly,

feel free to explore,

You’ll hear her as soon as

she comes through the door.”


The staff remained quiet

Before the arrival

Of gawking cheese-eaters

Who come for survival.


They came and they ate

the scant offerings with wine,

Considered the art

Before leaving it behind.


But wait! There’s a straggler

Who understand’s art:

The super-extra-ordinary kind…

From the heart.


“A sale, a sale, a sale!”

we cried.  Barbara’s an artist,

it can’t be denied!!!

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