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Sirius Quartet CD Release Party

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The album is a collection of music written exclusively by the members of Sirius Quartet, including violinists Gregor Huebner and Fung Chern Hwei, and cellist Jeremy Harman.

The concert will feature selections from PATHS BECOME LINES as well as their previous Autentico release, Colors of the Eastincluding the title composition by Gregor Huebner.

About Paths Become Lines:

Within all genres of music, there exists a delicate balance between that which is premeditated and that which is spontaneous. Even the most intricately composed song or sonata requires the soul and energy of the artist to breathe life into every performance, while the simplest creative musical impulse can give rise to an entire symphony.

Within this mysterious grey area, the New York City-based Sirius Quartet has carved out a distinct path. They approach the string quartet as both composers and performers, taking a traditional model and redefining what it can beas both adherents to the written music on the page and impulsive improvisers willing to throw it all away and let intuition take the lead.

This is music of the future, deeply rooted in the past; an entrancing sonic realm where every wandered path can become a distinct line in the sand.  Writes Alan Blattberg for Imperfect Fifths, “Virtuosic, rock-inflected, jazz-grounded, classical-minded polyglot music... by turns lilting and churning, diaphanous and crushing, placid and rhythmic, soothing and fiery... always compelling and always exhilarating.”

Earlier Event: April 9