Life is Never Still


"Life is Never Still"

It's all about movement in time... We think about a still life as capturing a moment, but moments are never static.
Sometime last summer I met with John in his studio. I love Asian influenced art, so I was smitten with Johns work and we planned a show. Several days later, Eunbi Kim walked into the cell to explain her proposal for a music/performance piece, "Murakami Music." She told us the work was based on the magical novels of Haruki Murakami, using the Beatles' Norwegian Wood and other songs he uses in his novels, as well as incorporating recited passages, read by Laura Yumi Snell. Immediately I responded. I had just read Murakami's Norwegian Wood and flashed on John's haunting paintings which include literary quotes. Both John's and Murakami's subjects are dreamlike studies in displacement. These conjured images seemed like a perfect match for a gesamtkuntswerk. We immediately enlisted Jeremy Bloom to put the pieces together for I am excited for the opening and am looking forward to living with John's magical images in our space.

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