The Un-Blog

April 1

When the cell staff suggested a blog, my initial impulse was revulsion. I balked, as is my habit, when asked to do something that is not my idea. As coincidence would have it, I was writing a little something that actually seemed relevant to the assignment, and so agreed to give it a whirl…on the condition that we could call my unabashed rambling something other than a blog.

I also suggested to the staff that they contribute as well because, quite frankly, I prefer discussion to didacticism. I was hoping to present a broader view of what goes on in our day to day by having everyone participate, rather than just my own bloggy blather.

As coincidence would have it, I’m about to write a blog that’s not a blog…or not write a blog that is a blog, when I spy in the holy bible (The New York Times) that ‘gossip blogging’ is now a career. A career! What the…?

Now, rebellious as I am, I start feeling really revulsed, yet simultaneously compelled to comment on the state of our culture. I want to start a conversation, not just a commentary or a rant. Don’t people talk anymore? Is anybody out there really listening? Or is everyone just blogging away in the hopes that their own silently written words will elevate the world consciousness in the same manner as the sound of one hand clapping? Jeeesus!

While I relish, even depend on it, I am so disappointed in the New York Times. I deduce it is a complete reflection of the culture from which it has sprung, at once a chicken and an egg. We tell it what we want to know, and it tells us what we want to think. Well, I can tell you I am still trying to think my own thoughts, but more and more I am doubtful of my own ability to see what is real.

Complications ensue. Perusing the NYT advertisements, I am acutely aware of how outrageous New York has become. I wonder how many women actually spend $2280 (I kid you not) on a pair of “seductive” sandals. Who are they? Is this madness? I am bewildered.

the cell was conceived out of a need to preserve a culture that once existed in New York. I believe it still exists, if only in my heart. But why should I want to keep a journal of a striving little performance salon in the middle of a celebrity-obsessed city? Aside from my staff (of 3 glorious women), does anyone give a hoot?  Maybe everyone is too busy blogging or shopping or reading about blogging and shopping. As much as I love to express my ideas, I love reciprocity even more. Please, someone, tell me I am not alone.

Posted on April 8, 2010 and filed under Un-Blog Me!.