"a play that goes for the jugular"

Our Summer of Lust is sizzling! I am so proud of our work with The Hive and, after a year in development, our showcase production of Bad Evidence. To convey the sense of pride and satisfaction derived from our collective efforts, I'd like to share a note I received from playwright Terry Quinn:

"Just need to say how grateful I am for the wonderful opportunity you've offered me here. I've had the best time imaginable these past two months or so. I love elegance and welcoming spirit of the cell... I love the cast that resulted from a thrilling audition process ... I love the design crew and the amazing help all of us have received from the 'upstairs office' gang ... and of course I love Kira -- the ideal director for my work.

You've been so gracious and supportive of me as a playwright from the start. Thank you -- and Alan -- so much for that. I'm wishing you a joyful time this evening. No one deserves it more than you."

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