Personalized Sarcophagi …

"Personalized Sarcophagi for the Ashes of the Environmentally Conscious"

So, these are the sarcophagi I loved in Israel. Since I wish for a green alternative to burial or cremation, I got to thinking…

The cremations by the Ganges are extraordinary, but that’s a little far and not as “green” as I thought. In India, they use an inordinate amount of wood to get the job done and the Ganges is quite polluted. The idea of returning to the river of life is beautiful, but I also love the idea of becoming one with the earth. The clay sarcophagus seems like a great solution.

Naturally I researched and discovered alkaline hydrolysis, an environmentally responsible alternative to burial and cremation,

I'd like to make a small sarcophagus for my own ashes (in my likeness, of course). I even bought the clay,and am planning to start on it sometime soon. Though I hope not to use it for a while, I think it'd be great on my mantelpiece.

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