Today was cool. I mean the temperature. I mean in Miami, where I went to a Dolphin's game with my fanatical family. Football, as you can imagine, is not exactly my favorite activity. But I try to be a good sport. I brought the Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle with me, just in case. I am sure I was the only person in the stadium (of 75,000 seats?!?!) doing the crossword puzzle. It took my mind off of the fact that I was freezing. And the Dolphins were not doing too well, which made for cranky company.

A while after the game, we went to dinner in Miami Beach - a favorite restaurant frequented by many sports figures and celebs (not that I'm star-struck - okay well maybe a little). I noticed a rock band dining at the table next to ours. How did I know they were rockers? I'm pretty perceptive when it comes to musicians. Or maybe it was the leather, long hair and piercings. I got the idea that they must've been the band at the pre game show. This is when the BlackBerry really pays off. I googled and found Jason Bonham, son of the remarkable Led Zeppelin drummer, and his band were the act before the game. And there they were (I could tell by the photos), just a bunch of guys sharing a meal. Pretty cool.

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