CHAIRS 8/23/10 the cell has a decision to make and we thought we’d ask for your vote. We are preparing to open our new open-air stage, which will require some new seating. We found fabulous chairs. Here’s the thing:

We were about to make a deal with an importer, but she ran short of the number of chairs we need. If we order now, we can get the balance of the order in 75 days, which is no big deal, but ya never know… The chairs come from China, and we all know about the situation for workers there. But isn’t cheap labor better than starvation?

Meantime, we found another manufacturer of almost the exact chairs, with the number we need, ready to go, ‘Made in America’ …for a significant increase in price. Now, we do like buying American. But we don’t like people in other countries to starve. We are a not-for-profit, so every penny counts. But we do feel a responsibility to our audience to do the right thing. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the right thing is. Please help us out!

Send us your vote. Your contribution would be nice, too. Donate Here!

Remember our video:  CHOOSING CHAIRS

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