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Lest you believe I've been enjoying myself too much, I have a guest blogger to tell you the truth about my summer hiatus...with pictures! Introducing my cousin, Barbara Silverman, artist, writer, and all around amazing human!

"Beach and Beach Bugs" by Guest Blogger, Barbara Silverman

It seemed silly to leave California to go beach side in New York. Even a New Yorker or two thought it a bit odd. Yet, I never go to the beach in California. Where I live you need a wet suite to survive and if it’s just about catching rays, well, who wants skin cancer? Besides, just when you do think it’s hot enough to make it a beach day, chances are the beach still thinks it's winter. If you show up with just your suit and a towel it could make you wish you’d brought your woollies.

But after growing up in New York I never thought New York to be a beach vacation spot but now I know otherwise. The beach here is lovely. The moist air keeps it warm, and the water is tolerably warmer than the icy stuff I avoid at home.

As we ventured onto the sand, I unpacked my art supplies and allowed the view to direct my hand. It was blissful until I felt something like a pin prick on my leg. Then another and another. We were being served up as a main course for a few fly type creatures. Then the visitors were joined by some wasp type creatures. Not wanting to harm another being we attempted to redirect them elsewhere but they’d have nothing of it. They followed us each time we gave up our spaces for them. Finally, my generous nature dissolved and I kicked the sand to bury this evil attacker. When he crawled out from under it was time to retreat to the safety of the indoors.

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