Product Placement

Doing what we do is a little like getting your kid into college these days. It doesn't seem to matter how much your kid has to offer in terms of intelligence, talent and perseverance. You apply your wonderful teenager to a bunch of schools in the hope that the school will recognize a good thing when they see it.  A good thing with promise, in fact, with the potential to be a great success in the world at large, if only given the opportunity.  Here at the cell, we invest in the intelligence, talent and perseverance of artists. But just as there are deluge of kids with great stuff competing for coveted placement, our artists invest their lives only to get shut out of a world for which they've prepared over many years. Is it the numbers that don't add up? We know that there is an abundance of product, but we exist in the hope that we are providing a home where exceptional artists can deliver their goods to people who appreciate solid work for a very affordable price.

This month we are presenting two exceptional artists who have created shows that demonstrate their intensely reflective spirits. Both shows were created from the words of great masters of theater. Both Samuel Beckett and Tennessee Williams estates have given permission for the presentation of these extraordinary works, which I can assure you is harder to get than passing any admissions board!

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