music and lyrics by Douglas J. Cohen

book and lyrics by Dan Elish

directed by Joe Barros

Cast: Max Crumm, Allie Trimm, and Leslie Hiatt

The production team includes Vadim Feichtner (music supervisor) Libby Stadstad (set), Chris Steckel (lighting), Siena Zoë Allen (costumes), Nathan Scheuer (projections), Ellen Fitton (sound design), Kayla Santos (production stage manager), Brian Reager (associate director) and Liz Flemming (associate producer).

the cell | September 2018

The Evolution of Mann follows Henry Mann, a thirty-something year-old single New Yorker eager to settle down…or so he thinks. After receiving an invitation to his ex- fiancée's wedding, he and his lesbian roommate embark on a quest to find his soulmate, his perfect date. Featuring music and lyrics by Drama Desk nominee Douglas J. Cohen (Children's Letters to God) and book and lyrics by Dan Elish (13: The Musical) and directed by Joe Barros (Bastard Jones), The Evolution of Mann is a musical comedy that explores love in all its forms and how to build a lasting relationship in the 21st century.



written and directed by Joseph Hendel

after Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Cast: Chris Blem, Sam Disney, Alex Galan, Frank Hartley, Chelsea Lesage, Heather O’Sullivan, Madeline Adelle Phillips, Brendt Reil, Ellen White, and Ryan Wright

Joseph Hendel (original music) Jeffery Sims (associate director), Brian Reager (dramaturgy), Frank Hartley (lighting design), Bianca Nagel (set design) Joshua Christensen (sound design) Unkle Dave’s Fight House (fight direction) Liz Flemming (production manager/casting director) Mackenzie Meeks (production stage manager) Elia Tzoukermann, Kate Wauschek, Richard Urquiza (Production Interns).

the cell | July 2018

Written and directed by Joseph Hendel, Katzlemacher, U.S.A. tells the story of a group of aimless and sexually frustrated young people in Missouri as they grapple with an outsider who has come to work at the local winery. Freely adapted from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s classic, this new adaptation explores the middle-american identity in a changing world.



& I DO

written and performed by Paige Jennifer Barr

directed by Kira Simring

Kayla Santos (production stage manager) Elia Tzoukermann, Kate Wauschek, Richard Urquiza (production interns).

the cell | June 2018

Edinburgh Fringe Festival | August 2018

Paige’s life has changed in five years—cancer killed her husband, she had her first one-night stand and now she’s marrying a British accountant. When life gives you lemons, screw it, learn to play the ukulele.



written and performed by Natalia Zukerman

projection design by Gertjan Houben

directed by Kira Simring

Jennifer Delac (Production Stage Manager) Elia Tzoukermann, Kate Wauschek, Richard Urquiza (Production Interns).

the cell | May 2018

Written and performed by Natalia Zukerman, The Women Who Rode Away: Songs and Portraits is a project inspired by women who define and defy boundaries. Join us to see how this dialogue between paint, canvas, and song plays out. Performing as part of the cell's 2018 Residency Program, this performance will be directed by Artistic Director Kira Simring and features production design by Gertjan Houben.



A developmental production presented with New York Theatre Barn

book by Dale Sampson with Trey Coates-Mitchell

music and lyrics by Marc Campbell, Caitlin Marie Bell, Dale Sampson

directed / choreographed by Trey Coates-Mitchell

the cell | November 2017

Cast: Dale Sampson, Laura Jordan, Mallory Hawks

Kayla Santos (Production Stage Manager) Chris Steckel (Lighting Design) Liz Fleming (Line Producer) Caitlin Marie Bell (Music Direction) Jason Pomerantz (Keyboard) Marc Campbell (Guitar) Will Hehir (Bass) Austin Perez (Drums) Michael Murphy (Saxophone)

It’s 1998 and Sam is a nonverbal teenager with special needs, trapped in his own body and yearning for a voice. Shifting between cruel reality and pop star fantasy, this groundbreaking new musical invites audiences inside the imagination of one young man's universal struggle to communicate. While we see those who are nonverbal only in silence, Sam teaches us that in his mind there may be a world that is anything but silent.



book, lyrics, and direction by Marc Acito

music and lyrics by Amy Engelhardt

based on the novel The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling by Henry Fielding

Choreographed by Joe Barros

the cell | June-July 2017

Time Out New York Recommended

Drama Desk Award Nomination - Evan Ruggiero

Off-Broadway Alliance Award Nomination - Best New Musical

Chita Rivera Award Nomination - Evan Ruggiero

Clive Barnes Award Winner - Evan Ruggiero

Cast: Evan Ruggiero, Elena Wang, Crystal Lucas-Perry, Cheryl Stern, Adam B. Shapiro, Alie B. Gorrie, Matthew McGloin, Tony Perry, Rene Ruiz

Matthew Liu (Music Director) Louisa Pough (Production Stage Manager) Kayla Santos (Assistant Stage Manager) Gertjan Houben (Lighting) M. Florian Staab (Sound Design) Siena Zoë Allen (Costumes) Bethany Mullins (Wardrobe Supervisor) Federico Berte (Fight Choreography)

Bastard Jones follows Tom Jones, a bastard-born charmer with a heart of gold and a knack for getting intro trouble. When Tom is banned from the only home he knows, an adventure leads him to the army, a romp at a country inn, and in a sticky situation with an aristocrat with a taste for boy-toys. All of the production’s proceeds will benefit Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund.

“High Spirited…It’s non judgmental approach to sex and disability, and its brash desire to entertain are winning” -The New York Times

★★★★!”“Impressive…smartly plotted and irrepressible” -Time Out New York

“If I could fill this review with synonyms for ‘brilliant’ it still wouldn’t be enough” -Stage Buddy



by Joanna Evans

directed by Shariffa Ali

the cell | May 2017

Cast: Elaine Ivey Harris and Kambi Gathesa

You Shin-Chen (set design) Chris Steckel (lighting design) Kayla Santos (stage management) Babette Riddick (assistant stage manager)

This new play by South African playwright Joanna Evans chronicles the unlikely relationship between two children as they navigate their friendship and the tumultuous political landscape that seperates them.

"The play muses on some profound issues including racial segregation in South Africa...Director Ali makes full use of the space and lifts Evans' poetic, dreamlike text off the page into a kaleidoscopic narrative...Gathesha and Harris, both dynamic performers, embody the vulnerability and strength that co-exist in every child. It’s impossible to look away from their magnetic chemistry on stage. 'Year of the Bicycle' is a bittersweet story that will keep you engaged and leave you wanting more.” -Theatre is Easy

"An energetic physical theatre piece that captures the exuberance of childhood imagination and the heady freedom when they play...Director Shariffa Ali has created an entire world with a few set pieces and finely executed performance moments. -New York Theatre Review



by Honor Molloy

Directed by Kira Simring

The Mainstage Theatre at The Workshop Theater | September 2016

Co-Production with Irish Repertory Theatre | January 2017

Cast: Gina Costigan, Terry Donnelly, Colin Lane, John Charles McLaughlin

Chris Steckel (Production Stage Manager) Kayla Santos (Assistant Stage Manager) Brian Reager (Associate Director) Gertjan Houben (Lighting) Daniel Geggatt (Set Design) M. Florian Staab (Sound Design) Siena Zoë Allen (Costumes) Samantha Keogh (Props) Bethany Mullins (Wardrobe Supervisor) Unkle Dave’s Fight House (Fight Choreography)

Rasher Moorigan has a secret that only his mother knows. Tonight — for the first time in over 30 years — mother and son spend May Eve together in a wreck of a house down the back lanes of Dublin. Melding reality and myth, Honor Molloy's Crackskull Row is the story of an Irish family's desperate actions and forbidden loves.

New York Times Critics’ Pick

Winner of 2 1st Irish Awards (Best Director, Best Production)

“Mr. McPherson and Mr. McDonagh might have to set another place at their table…grotesque but richly satisfying…” -The New York Times

“Few Irish playwrights have dared to be this ambitious in years. Crackskull Row blazes to life with an unsettling howl.” -Irish Central

Crackskull is gorgeous…beautifully constructed” -Time Out New York



Written and performed by Cheryl Stern

Music by Tom Kochan

Directed by Joe Barros

the cell | May 2016

Jennifer Delac (Production Stage Manager) Kayla Santos (Assistant Stage Manager) Gertjan Houben (Lighting and Set) M. Florian Staab (Sound Design) Siena Zoë Allen (Costumes)

After a sold out workshop presentation, this hilariously touching one-woman musical meltdown returns to the cell in a full production, written and performed by Broadway veteran Cheryl Stern (La Cage Aux Folles, The Women). Directed by Joe Barros (Gigi, Beaches, A Taste of Things to Come) with music by Emmy Award winning composer Tom Kochan, Shoes and Baggage takes us on a wild, hilarious and heartbreaking ride of hunting, spending and buyer’s remorse. Get high on the buy!

“If you loved Love, Loss, and What I Wore…you’re likely to revel in Cheryl Stern’s Shoes and Baggage” “directed silkily by Joe Barros” -The Huffington Post

“Entertaining, enlightening, and challenging…The show is expertly crafted and directed by Joe Barros.” -Stage Buddy

“Wildly entertaining…Stern hits the nail on the head…”-offoffonline

“A mighty performance…this is a little brown bag full of goodies you just must have!” -NY Theatre Guide



An Origin Theatre Company production

by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

translated by Frank Perry

directed by Erwin Maas

the cell | March 2016

Cast: Orlagh Cassidy, Kitty Chen, Caitlyn Cisco, Mirirai Sithole

Michael Palmer (Production Stage Manager) Jack Gilliat (Technical Production Design) Derek Van Heel (lighting) Sam LaFrage (sound design) Jenny Green (costumes)

Three women, three stories. One person? One life? Whose life is it anyway? A young radical, a middle-aged housewife and an old sage battle to make sense of their lives through memory, imagination and fantasy. Did they travel the globe or stay at home? Did they write revolutionary poetry or study dental hygiene? Did they bring down the system or accept the status quo?

Hundred inevitably brings to mind Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women…grippingly focused-The New York Times

“A surreal, phantasmagorical piece.” -Theatre Pizzazz

“In a show that features an all-woman cast and revolves around the pluses and negatives of one woman’s life in particular, the show does justice to the female experience.” -Theatre is Easy



text by William Shakespeare

Alex Ates (co-creator, director, producer)

Patrick Greeley (composer, co-creator, musical director)

the cell | June 2015 | November 2015

Energetic and innovative, The Shakespearean Jazz Show reinvigorates and recontextualizes Shakespearean performance. Experience how the loose, improvisatory nature of jazz music can free Shakespearean text, allowing the feeling and intent of the words to be expressed in a completely new way. The Nine Worthies provide an unforgettable parade of Shakespearean sonnets, songs, and scenes composed to original New Orleans-style jazz.

Alex Ates...co-creator, director, producer

Patrick Greeley...composer, co-creator, musical director

Orrin Whalen...designer
Jason Pacella*...production manager
Megan Harris...stage manager

Sheldon Brown...vocalist
Tyler Catanella...vocalist
Daniel Irwin...vocalist
Jenna Rogalski...vocalist
Emily Skeggs*...vocalist
Adrian Aiello...guitar (June)

Sam Crawford...guitar (November)
Jemila Dunham...bass
Patrick Greeley...piano, clarinet
Adam Salameh...drums (June)

Jordan Ross...drums (November)

Linton Smith...trumpet (November)
Max Sangerman...trumpet (June)

"O O O O that Shakespeherian Rag — / It’s so elegant / So intelligent” wrote Cats lyricist T.S. Eliot in a lesser-known poem called The Waste Land. Now composer Patrick Greeley jazzes up the Bard anew with New Orleans–style settings of classic verse (including sonnets as well as dramatic material). Emily Skeggs, who earned a Tony nom as Medium Alison in Broadway's Fun Home, leads the cast of this concert staging, which was featured in the 2017 New York Musical Festival.” -Time Out New York



written by Pat Fenton

directed by Kira Simring

September 2015

Cast: Jack O’Connell, Robin Leslie Brown, Bill Cwikowski

Gertjan Houben (production design), Chris Steckel (assistant production design), M. Florian Staab (sound design), Siena Zoé Allen (costume design), Samantha Keogh (Dramaturg), Brian Reager (assistant director) Louisa Pough (stage manager) and Jane Davis (assistant stage manager)

In 1945, Robert Moses began a massive roads project that would displace 1,252 families (a large percentage of them Irish) from Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Now, seventy years later, haunting memories persist as three stoopdreamers gather in the last remaining Irish saloon from that era. In Stoopdreamer, drinks are poured, stories are shared and secrets are revealed as this trio of Brooklynites imagine a future that might have been.

“Everything changes and nothing stands still' Plato once cautioned. Patrick Fenton’s 'Stoopdreamer' acknowledges this, at the same time asking us to remember, and perhaps defend, those who get trampled in the rush to questionable progress." - Theatre is Easy



by Nancy Manocherian

original music by Michael Dellaira

directed by Kira Simring

Urban Stages | June 2015

Cast: Deborah Offner, Larry Cahn, Catherine Dupont, & Adam Weppler

Adrian Pena (Production Stage Manager) Sophia Montgomery (Assistant Stage Manager) Gertjan Houben (Lighting) Peiyi Wong (Set Design) M. Florian Staab (Sound) Rebecca Fruend (Costumes)

In Hey Jude, Anna's losing it, her husband Henry's already lost it and her son Jude is just plain lost. Identity is a slippery slope in this family drama, when a matter of life and death unhinges its members and challenges their basic beliefs.

"The ultimate family drama… (a) thought-provoking and powerful play." - StageBuddy

"Fine and concise direction by Kira Simring... Manocherian has written an interesting work that cannot be easily categorized as 'another dysfunctional family drama.' It is so much more than that." -BlogCritics



by Marianne Driscoll

directed by Kira Simring

the cell | April 2015

Cast: Jack O’Connell, Paul Nugent, John Charles McLaughlin, Stephane Duret, Judy Rosenblatt, Bob Jaffe

Mackenzie Meeks (Production Stage Manager) Chris Steckel (Assistant Stage Manager) Brian Reager (Associate Director) Gertjan Houben (Production Design) Charles Mueller (Sound Design) Siena Zoë Allen (Costumes)

Ever wonder what goes on in a kennel when people aren't around? The Biscuit Club gives audiences a behind-the-bars peek into Bradley's Bed & Biscuit, a boarding house for dogs. When an aging Bulldog, a jumpy Beagle, a glamorous Shih Tzu, a grumpy Pit Bull, a champion Airedale Terrier and a wide-eyed Labrador pup are locked together for the night, a doggone good time is in store for all.

"a delightful experience for every kind of dog lover, and will leave you barking with laughter long after the dogs go home." -Charged.fm

"Do you find it impossible to walk by a pet store without stopping to ooh and aah at the puppies in the window?...If so, you will likely get a big kick out of The Biscuit Club, a shaggy charmer of a play at the cell." -Talkin' Broadway



by Brona Crehan

directed by John Keating

Cast: John McConnell, Jacqueline Kealy, and Brona Crehan

Makenzie Meeks (Production Stage Manager) Gertjan Houben (Lighting Design) M. Florian Staab (Sound Design)

the cell | January 2015

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you’d made one different choice? An unplanned pregnancy sets off a chain of events in the lives of three people in Pillow on the Stairs. What follows creates a web of secrets and denials that binds this trio of ordinary, flawed individuals together for a lifetime. Every decision has lasting consequences in this intimate story about love, loyalty, betrayal, and trust.

“Pillow on the Stairs is absorbing and full of emotion, vulnerability, and rawness.” -Stage Buddy

At just over an hour, Pillow on the Stairs is loaded with emotion as it weaves together their individual stories. Monologues allow Jim, Annie and Margaret to tell their versions, which gives the play a lovely rhythm.” -RaveReviewsNYC



by Jenny Rachel Weiner

directed by Sarah Krohn

the cell | December 2014

Cast: Kaley Ronayne, Anna Baryshnikov, Olivia Macklin, Angeliea Stark, Katie Lawson, Maddie Sykes and Eleonore Condo

Daniel Geggatt (Set Design) Alex DeNevers (Lighting) Ben Truppin-Brown (Sound) Siena Zoë Allen (Costumes) Amanda Perry (Special Effects) Alex J. Gould (Fight Direction) Hannah Brooks (Stage Management) Tom Kordenbrock (Assistant Stage Manager) Rachel Birnbaum (General Manager)

Twelve-year-old Ashleigh rules the Lady Jean Ladies, South Florida’s most exclusive horse club. News that her family’s stables are being sold and their horses killed for meat throws the Ladies into crisis in this dark comedy of middle school deception and lies. Horse Girls is a play about pre-teens: their obsessions, their insecurities, their desperate need to find a place in the world.

“…pitch perfect…a 50 minute pop descent into madness” -The New York Times

“Hilarious and terrifying…You may also have to lift your jaw off the floor a few times” -TheaterMania

“A worthy heir to Heathers and Mean Girls…fast-paced, frequently hilarious, and razor sharp.” -FlavorPill

“Excellent” -Time Out New York



by Seamus Scanlon

Directed by Kira Simring

the cell | September 2014

Kino Theater in Sussex, England | July 2015

Cast: Paul Nugent, Anna Nugent, Cindy Boyle, Philip Callen, Conor McIntyre, Matt Golden

Rachel Kitto (Production Stage Manager) Anne Ciarlone (Assistant Stage Manager) Brian Reager (Associate Director) Gertjan Houben (Production Design) Dylan Fusillo (Sound) Siena Zoë Allen (Costumes) Samantha Keogh (Props) Jed Peterson (Fight Choreography)

Winner of 4 1st Irish Awards: Best Actress (Anna Nugent) Best Director (Kira Simring) Best Design and Best Production

The McGowan Trilogy tells of Irish revolutionary Victor McGowan; cold blooded, warm-hearted and conflicted. In Dancing at Lunacy, McGowan ignores court martial protocol. In The Long Wet Grass, McGowan is forced to choose between his commitment to the cause and a woman who was his childhood companion. In Boys Swam Before Me, McGowan faces painful revelations from his past.

“…like so much of the cell's excellent work, The McGowan Trilogy has timeliness on its side as well as a call for redemption.” -The Huffington Post

“Stunning…perplexing, stirring and unsettling. It is a fine play, not easily forgotten” -Blogcritics

“The McGowan Trilogy is skillfully written and artfully acted -- a meaningful glimpse into Irish history through a detailed portrait of one man’s experience.” -Stage Buddy



a mashup of Julius Caesar and A Comedy of Errors

by William Shakespeare

directed by Joseph Hendel

the cell | June 2014

Cast: Andy Arena, Michael Brahce, Yvonne Almeria Campbell, Sasha Diamond, Tjasa Ferme, Sarah Group, David Jenkins, Schuyler Mastain, Paul Nugent, Michael Ring, Emma Kathryn, Anya Whelan-Smith, Ayo Cummings, Oscar Montoya

Mackenzie Meeks (production manager) Rachel Kitto (production stage manager) Dylan Fusillo (sound design) Jess Gersz (costume design) Angelica Equality Nicholas (set design) Randy Ginsburg (puppet design)

A 1980's New York modern-dress Shakespeare mash-up of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and The Comedy of Errors that gleefully mangles the Bard in an exploration of fate, politics, and the precarious nature of existence. Mistaken identities, Reagan Revolutionaries, Shakespearean bawdiness, and the occasional stabbing all unite in this soothsaying experimental production.



an Origin Theatre Company Production

written by Tim Ruddy

directed by Christopher Randolph

the cell | April 2014

Cast: Timothy Carter, Ted Schneider, Carey Van Driest

James Maloof (Production Design) Derek van Heel (Lighitng Design) Sam LaFrage (Sound Design) Alexis M. Qualls (Production Stage Manager) George C. Heslin (Artistic Director of Origin Theatre Company)

In this probing three-character play, familiar events taking place during an unnamed war in Eastern Europe are seen through the eyes of three different people in three different parts of the world. Linked in surprising ways through the media, technology and global politics these three people couldn’t be more disconnected.

“Skillfully acted” -The New York Times

“…as spellbinding as it is frightening. The production as a whole is a small, disturbing masterpiece, like a fine painting that provokes contemplation.” -TheaterMania

“It is current, and important, and the execution is faultless…everyone should see this.” -On Stage Blog



by Amina Henry

directed by Kira Simring

Cast: Bob Jaffe, Lila Donnolo, Tiffany Nicole Greene, Dan Yo Lo

Theatre for the New City | November 2013

Richard David, his wife Lady Anne, and their "other" person Justine, are a uniquely American family. When handyman Thomas arrives to fix a mysterious hole in the wall, his presence threatens to tear the family apart. Through swimming lessons, soap operas, Truth or Dare and dusty flowers, An American Family Takes A Lover explores Stockholm Syndrome through a racial and sexual lens.

Andrew Diaz (set design) Jonathan Cottle (lighting design) Sara Hinkley (costume design) Thomas Kennedy (sound design) Chris Steckel (production stage manager) Mackenzie Meeks (assistant stage manager) Hope Andrejack (production assistant)

“An American Family Takes a Lover exposes society's holes in life—and, in doing so, perhaps makes the first steps towards patching them up.” -Stage Buddy

“Incredible…when I thought [the actors] couldn’t possibly “go there,” they went in flaming chariots, built from the ruins of race relations in our country.” -New York Theatre Review

“I’m looking forward to more writing from Amina Henry” -The Front Row Center



in association with Custom Made Theatre Company

by Mark Eisman

directed by Leah S. Abrams

featuring original photography by Naomi Olson

original music by Rona Siddiqui

Cast: Tamara Scott and Darnell Williams

the cell | November 2013

Ruth finds life is a series of betrayals that have led her to tread between a lonely reality and a dreamlike revision of herself. She meets Davis who will help her navigate an ever-blurring world. Out of the darkness and into the light. Out of the light and into the darkness, they smash their way "through the looking-glass" into a Lewis Carroll world and a love story defying conventional perceptions.



written and performed by Kelly Kinsella

directed by Padraic Lillis

the cell | November 2013

In When Thoughts Attack, a woman walks into a restaurant to order lunch and is swept up into a whirlpool of anxiety over every life choice that has led her to this meal. Clinging to her sense of humor and an emergency Xanax, she teeters between the salmon or a complete nervous breakdown. Never has the act of making a decision been so entertaining!

“She’s like us, just funnier.” -nytheatre.com

“Kelly Kinsella manages to pull off one of the hardest tricks in performance: she shares herself” -New York Theatre Review

Hilarious” -The Huffington Post



conceived by Eunbi Kim

featuring Eunbi Kim and Laura Snell

directed by Kira Simring

special guests: Pat Carroll (saxophone), Itaiguara Brandão (bass)

the cell | November 2013

Inspired by the musical references made in the writings of novelist Haruki Murakami, this one-of-a kind, genre-defying concert pushes artistic and intellectual boundaries as music and drama come together to tell the stories of Murakami's characters. Imagine a world in which the lines between reality and surreality are blurred, ordinary and extraordinary are interchangeable, and music is the only constant that keeps it all together.

“Captivating…spell-binding…Under the gifted guidance of Kira Simring, the pair used both music and drama to appeal to the senses of sound, sight, and spatial awareness. As an audience member, I was on edge waiting for what was to come next.” -The Tuxedo Revolt



written and performed by Tjasa Ferme

directed by Kira Simring

Cast: Michelle Cox, Andrew Arena, Scott Freeman, Rumando Kelly

The Triad | Dixon Place | Bardot, Miami | 2013

A two-woman farce with a three-man parade. Cocktales follows Eve’s escape from the Garden of Eden to Dr. Truth’s TV show. Dr. Truth treats her predilection for erection and forces Eve to face her own twisted sexuality.

"Tjasa Ferme's writing in this piece is nothing short of brilliant... If you’re looking for a show that’s not tame or based in politically correct nonsense, you’d be a fool to miss Cocktales – Confessions of a Nymphomaniac" - Woman Around Town

"raw, funny, and totally entertaining…" - TotalTheater.com

“inspired direction with absurd innovation by Kira Simring" - Richmond Shepard



by William Shakespeare

directed by Tim Elliot

original music by John Charles McLaughlin

Cast: Andy Arena, Spencer Aste, Almeria Campbell, Doug Chapman, Gardiner Comfort, Andrew Dahl, Lila Donnolo, Tjasa Ferme, Daniel Lê, Theresa McElwee, John Charles McLaughlin, Paul Nugent, and Jed Peterson

the cell | September 2013

A Romantic Comedy about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Don Pedro has freed Messina and now romances rage between his veterans and the local women. Can they learn to trust each other, or will deceit destroy their community?



book and lyrics by Marianne Driscoll

music by Ronnie D’Addario

choreography by Joe Barros

step dancing by Garrett Coleman and Jason Oremus

directed by Kira Simring

80 St. Marks | August 2013

Cast: Casey Murray, Elizabeth West, Peter Cormican, Paul Nugent, Conor McIntyre, John Charles McLaughlin, Garrett Coleman, Jason Oremus, Jesse Driscoll, Mairead Brown, Declan Byrne, Jessica Byrne, Sean Crosby, Hayleigh Jusas, Ciaran O'Brien, Sheppard Somers, and Natalie Vestergom

Cheryl Crabtree Woertz (Musical Direction) Mackenzie Meeks (Production Stage Manager) Chris Steckel (Assistant Stage Manager) Carl Tallent (Scenic Design) Michael Megliola (Lighting) Thomas Kennedy (Sound) Rachel Guilfoyle, Mary Collins, Danielle O’Leary and Jane Rubinstein (Costumes) Brian Reager (Assistant Director)

*Winner of 3 1st Irish Awards: Best Production, Best Director, Special Jury Prize (Outstanding Choreography)

McGoldrick’s Thread is the story of the O’Reilly family, who have settled in a small apartment in the Bronx after leaving Clonmel, Ireland to raise their four children. Colorfully moving through time and place, the play reveals the trials, triumphs and humor of the O’Reilly and McGoldrick families. In their small apartment, Magee and her family learn a valuable lesson about tradition and the things we give up to create new ones.

“a charming musical..splendid comic timing” - The New York Times



written and directed by Jeremy Bloom

adapted from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

the cell | May 2013

Cast: John Charles McLaughlin, Jessie Shelton, Lachrisha Brown, Julia Steele Allen, Evan Kuzma, Tim Eliot, and Brittany Bellizeare

Mackenzie Meeks (Production Stage Manager) Brian Rady (Scenic Design) Erin Schultz (Costume Design) Gertjan Houben (Lighting Design) Josh Kelley (Assistant Director)

In this lyrical, atmospheric interpretation of Peter Pan, Jeremy Bloom strips the familiar story down to its emotional essence. Peter lures Wendy away from her nursery to the magical world of Neverland, where she joins his adventures with Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, and the menacing Captain Hook.

“[The play’s] commitment to the purest elements of theatre is refreshing, and commendable.” -NYTheatre.com

“Engagingly explores the questions of innocence, friendship, family and loss that have made the story a classic for more than a century.” -The San Francisco Examiner

“Marvelously subtle…A new and startling interpretation.” -theatrestorm.com



by Larry Kirwan

directed by Kira Simring

choreographed by Joe Barros

the cell | January 2014, September 2012

New York Times Critics’ Pick

New York Innovative Theatre Award Nomination – Joe Barros

Cast: Jed Peterson, John Charles McLaughlin, Stephane Duret, Jennifer Lorae (2014), Almeria Campbell, James D. Sasser (2014) Phil Callen (2012), Erin West (2012)

Rona Sidiqqi (Musical Director) Mackenzie Meeks (Production Stage Manager) Chris Steckel (Assistant Stage Manager) Brian Reager (Associate Director) Dara Wishingrad (Set Design) Sarah Hinkley (Costume Design 2012) Sarah Gosnell (Costume Design 2014) Gertjan Houben (Lighting) Julian Evans (Sound)

Hard Times is a soulful musical of clashing Irish and Afro-American cultures, written by Larry Kirwan of Black 47. Through a re-imagining of Stephen Foster's songs, Kirwan conjures the creation of tap dance and explores the troubled life of the "father of American Music" against the backdrop of New York City's Civil War draft riots.

"By the end of the evening, the audience is up, cheering and stamping.” -New York Times

“The show’s music…updated by Black 47 member [Larry] Kirwan---is gorgeous.” -The Village Voice

“the major strength of the new musical Hard Times by Larry Kirwan of Black 47 is indeed to remind anyone not paying attention just how vital a great song remains...” -Huffington Post



Blood by Larry Kirwan

Dancing at Lunacy by Seamus Scanlon

directed by Kira Simring

Cast: Brett Aresco, Mac Brydon, Darrell Larson, Spencer Leopold-Cohen, Paul Nugent, Ciaran Byrne, and Jed Peterson.

the cell | March 2012

Joseph Croghan (Set Design) Rachel Guilfoyle (Costumes) Stephanie Riddle (Sound Design) Tim Eliot (fight choreography) Ellie Bye (Props) Amy Jo Jackson (dialect coach) Samantha Keogh (dramaturgy) Jason Najjoum (casting director) Katie Rosin (press) Alison Anderson (Production Stage Manager)

Larry Kirwan's Blood is based on the actual disappearance of James Connolly, trade union organizer and leader of the Irish Citizen Army, on January 19, 1916. Sixty-eight years later in another room - a drinking club in Belfast - in the aftermath of the hunger strikes, a no-less tense situation plays out. Seamus Scanlon's Dancing at Lunacy is a fictionalized story set in 1984, Belfast, centering on an IRA internal security investigation where an alleged informer and an aging commanding officer are in a confrontation with a young sociopath with a penchant for pistols, The Sex Pistols, dancing, Barry's Tea and ruthless efficiency. Dancing At Lunacy and Blood explore the highly charged issue of Irish Republicanism and its ongoing effect on the Irish psyche.

“Scanlon has crafted a powerful piece that refuses to romanticize “The Troubles” and created in McGowan an original, chilling and bizarrely memorable character…There are many St. Patrick’s Day events this week that you may have trouble remembering the next day. This is not one of them.” -The Huffington Post



written and performed by Zac Jaffee

directed by Christian Haines

the cell | November 2011

It's 1971. Lenny is perfectly content with his life. He works at a camera shop in New York's Greenwich Village. He's not in the war, not fighting against it, not tuning in, turning on, or dropping out. He's not doing anything but standing on one side of a camera watching it all pass him by. But when a neighborhood girl disappears, Lenny finds himself searching for two runaway teenagers in San Francisco, where he finds hippies, revolutionaries, lovers, killers, heroes and other strangers, and, as it turns out, himself. A noir tale told through a psychedelic lens.

“While many characters in one-man shows find the answers they need by the end of it all, the process and tribulations Lenny suffers through not only make him a man by the final curtain, they’ll make his journey personable and memorable.” -Reviewfix

“Jaffee’s writing is crisp and he is masterful at painting a visual scene, leaving the San Francisco cityscapes firmly etched in my mind.” -New York Theatre Review



In Association with The Hive Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

directed by Matthew A.J. Gregory

Bad Evidence

by Terry Quinn

directed by Kira Simring

the cell | July 2011

Cast: Ron Bopst, Erika Cazenueve, Chris Critelli, Lekethia Dalcoe, Samuel T. Gaines, Fernando Gambaroni, Shira Gregory, Meghan Grace O’Leary, Ryan Lee, Marissa Parness, Glenn Quentin, Guy Rader, Michael Raver, Ashley Denise Robinson, Cameron Smith, Chen Tang, Alan Winner, Pamela Weingarden

A faltering marriage compels a husband and wife to make a pact - to confess searing truths in the heat of passion. The exposure leads to a confrontation with four of their friends, and even deeper revelations.




written and performed by Jeremy Lawrence

based on the works and words of Tennessee Williams

directed by Jim Gaylord


adapted and performed by Bob Jaffe

based on the works and words of Samuel Beckett

directed by Peter Wallace


co-written by Jason Odell Williams and Diana Basmajian

directed by Kira Simring

the cell | March 2011



with Bandwagon Productions in association with Small Pond Entertainment

by Jason Odell Williams

directed by Charlotte Cohn

Featuring Judy Jerome, Christopher Burris, Charleigh E. Parker, and Sadrina Renee

A young woman is about to marry an old friend of the family. The only problem: she's white and Jewish; he's black... and not. Eight actors play seventeen different roles in this laugh-out-loud ensemble comedy that looks at how far we've come (and how far we haven't) over the past two decades by exploring two Baltimore family's relationships in 1987 and today.

the cell | March 2011

Felicia Bass (associate producer), Michael Roderick (producer), Lelund Thompson (asst. director), Sivan Hadari (PR & marketing), Andrea Wales (production stage manager), Megan Griffith (asst. stage manager), Lauren Parrish (lighting design), Asa Wember (sound design), Carolyn Hoffmann (costume design), David Arsenault (set design), Lemar Johnson (production assistant), and Russ Rowland (photography).

“A stunning and evocative story.” -urban excavations


SOLO @ the cell

the cell | October 2010


written and performed by Tjasa Ferme

directed by Diana Basmajian


adapted and performed by Darrell Larson

directed by Kira Simring


written and directed by Laura Caparrotti


adapted and performed by Bob Jaffe

based on the works and words of Samuel Beckett

directed by Peter Wallace


written and performed by Fernando Gambaroni

directed by Jose Zayas


by Michael Levesque

directed by Thom Fogarty

performed by Paul Cosentino



with Joie de Théâtrale and The New Voice Project

by Charles Mee

directed by Diana Basmajian

the cell | April 2010

Cast: Austin Pendleton, Eleanor Handley, and Anton Briones

Set in Paris, Limonade Tous les Jours is a delightful & sparkling romantic comedy that tells the story of an American man who meets a French woman in a cafe. Both of them are recovering from recent ruined love relationships. They spend the day wandering through the city together, and speak of all the reasons why they shouldn't fall in love. And so of course, they do.

““★★★★! [Charles Mee] serves up an honest-to-goodness romantic comedy, temporarily abandoning his frenetic dreamscapes in favor of a winsome bonbon with a sweet, gooey center.” -Time Out New York

“ Pendleton is once again his utterly believable acting self” -TheaterMania

Mee has created bolder love stories tethered to the Greek models, but when it comes to affirming the human spirit, this simple love story soars.” -Curtain Up



written and conceived by Brian Rady

directed by Jeremy Bloom

live and prerecorded video design by Bonnie Loughner

live music performed and composed by Flutronix

the cell | February 2010

Cast: Holly Chou (Ann Curry), Laila Alj (Annie Liebovitz), Eric Dean Wilson, Kaitlin Colombo, & Sarah Grace Welbourn, Almeria Campbell, Starr Busby, Ciara Gay

Bryce Norbitz (production manager), Juliet Fox (costumes), Chris Wade (video assistance), with additional original music by Andrew Sturman

A multimedia gesamtkunstwerk that shows the high definition foibles of the ladies in front of the American Television camera. The play brings together celebrity, luminary ladies in a real dreamscape – Oprah, Annie Liebovitz, and Ann Curry cross paths via an imagined and fantastical transatlantic flight through a spiritualized and lyrical contemporary zeitgeist.



written and directed by Jeremy Bloom

based on the poetry of Walt Whitman

the cell | August 2009

Cast: Kesh Baggan, Scott Barker, LaChrisha Brown, Tjasa Ferme, Ali Khan, Nicole K., Joel Mercedes, Joyce Miller, Dillon Porter.

Amanda K. Acobes (Production Stage Manager) Amanda Thieroff (Production Manager) Shawn Hollahan (Set) Dan Gallagher and Jeanette Yew (Lighting) Jeremy Bloom (Sound and Audio/Visual).

Leaves of Grass (nude) is a nude choral reading of the poems of Walt Whitman, conceived and directed by Jeremy Bloom.

“Onstage nudity can be a stunt—for better or worse—or a crucial storytelling device... But there seems something appropriately pure about the cell theatre’s production... The director, Jeremy Bloom, has said that the production "celebrates the bare human form as an intersection of nature and industry...Perhaps these lines from the poem tipped him off: 'The atmosphere is not a perfume—it has no taste of the distillation—it is odorless; It is for my mouth forever—I am in love with it; I will go to the bank by the wood, and become undisguised and naked; I am mad for it to be in contact with me.” -The New Yorker



by Joan Baker

directed by Pat Jones

Cast: Kim Weston-Moran, Toccarra Cash, Verna Hampton, Darnell Williams

the cell | May 2009

Dara Wishingrad (set design) Tony Davidson (set construction) Nacinomod Deodee (costume design) Amanda Adobes (production stage manager)

The flames of Bonfire Night in 1968 Birmingham, England, are no match for the inferno that will consume the fading beauty, Cynthis Johnson, if her daughter Lorna makes the leap to the happy life she desperately craves with her secret suitor, Reggie. Written by Joan Baker, this is the first play in a trilogy of works that focuses on the migration of Caribbean peoples to the UK in the 1940s and what has happened to that community since then.



music by Michael Sahl

libretto by Nancy Manocherian

directed by Kira Simring

the cell | September 2008

Cast: Demetrios Bonaros, Philip Callen, Peter Clark, Blythe Gaissert, Christopher Herbert, Vivian Krich-Brinton, and Jessica Medoff Bunchman.

Dinner and Delusion begins and ends with Passover Seders that take place sixty years apart. On Passover, 1949, a 15-year-old boy misbehaves with his Aunt Rosie. When he is locked in a closet for his misdeeds, he meets the prophet Elijah, who tells him that Rosie is the Shekinah, the apparition of God as a female body, as known as the Eternal Feminine. Dinner and Delusion explores temporal and mystical aspects of love and family with humor and passion with a stylistically engaging score that references world music, to contemporary Americana, and classic Klezmer sounds.



by Nancy Manocherian

directed by Kira Simring

Cast: Tracee Chimo, Mary Ann Conk, Glory Gallo, Heather Kenzie, Ned Massey, Darnell Williams

Acorn Theatre @ Theatre Row | 2007

Guilty follows the unraveling of a group of friends in the top echelon of New York society enjoying their lives of plenty. However, the enjoyment falters when sordid secrets come to light. as the characters' indiscretions culminate, linings of corruption and deceit are stripped away to reveal universal frailty underneath the facade of the social elite

Ken Hypes (Original Music and sound design) Tim McMatch (set designer) Jason A. Bishop (costume designer) Ben Zamora (lighting designer) Mandy Berry (production stage manager) Travis Walker (production manager)

“Manocherian, Simring and their actors have hidden a real lament on the subject of adulthood and aging. There’s no moral here; only an oblique sense of hope for the future, whether we find ourselves able to run there, or in need of a cane and a few stops to catch our breath along the way.” -Variety

“[Tracee Chimo] commits with aplomb” -Broadway World

“The simple honesty of ordinary interactions in the face of extraordinary circumstances is where some of the greatest drama is found.” -Talkin’ Broadway



by Michael I. Walker

directed by Kira Simring

Cast: Ryan Patrick Bachand, Almeria Campbell, Kevin Mambo, Teddy Bergman, Kate Goehring, Darnell Williams

Kirk Theatre @ Theatre Row | January 2007

Gabriel Evansohn (set design) Kristin Koury (costume design) Tracis Walker (sound design)

When the lights go out on New York City in the blackout of 2003, six strangers collide on a street corner in Hell's Kitchen. Their lives quickly intertwine, but when the power is restored, this newly formed community struggles to hold on to what they found in the dark. Inspired by the works of James Baldwin, Blackout is a smart, topical illumination of sex, race, faith, and electrical power.

“Impressive…Campbell and Bachand are extraordinarily attractive performers in every sense of the word.” -Theatermania

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