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Frederika Krier Returns @ the cell

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“Jazz fusion with all impetuous youth attributes, a sound full of vivacity and throbbing rhythms that stirred the audiences craving for dance: Frederika Krier from Germany and her quartet set the tone for an exceptional upcoming evening. With a remarkable technique and a strong presence on stage, this German woman has conquered the audience and had the opportunity to give a lot of autographs.”

“The second day opened with the remarkably fluid show of Frederika Krier Quartet (…)—performing a homogenous synthesis of jazz, minimalism and world music influences. Krier—an international jazz violinist and composer born in Romania, raised in Germany and presently living in New York—gave a dynamic performance characterized by tight, well-structured melodic sequences emerging from the tense, obsessive rhythmical patterns into inspiriting grooves. The first surprise of the festival.” - Adriana Carcu - allaboutjazz

"there is the wide ranging concert/world violin playing of Frederika Krier, who has some of the tensile strength of Szigeti, an avant sounding approach and a kind of declamatory rhapsodism without undue sentiment" (Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review) - Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Yayoi Ikawa - piano, keys

Alex B. Smith - bass

E.J. Strickland - drums

Frederika Krier - violin, bandleader

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