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Frederika Krier & Molecular Vibrations

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“Jazz fusion with all impetuous youth attributes, a sound full of vivacity and throbbing rhythms that stirred the audiences craving for dance: Frederika Krier from Germany and her quartet set the tone for an exceptional upcoming evening. With a remarkable technique and a strong presence on stage, this German woman has conquered the audience and had the opportunity to give a lot of autographs.”

“The second day opened with the remarkably fluid show of Frederika Krier Quartet (…)—performing a homogenous synthesis of jazz, minimalism and world music influences. Krier—an international jazz violinist and composer born in Romania, raised in Germany and presently living in New York—gave a dynamic performance characterized by tight, well-structured melodic sequences emerging from the tense, obsessive rhythmical patterns into inspiriting grooves. The first surprise of the festival.” - Adriana Carcu - allaboutjazz

"there is the wide ranging concert/world violin playing of Frederika Krier, who has some of the tensile strength of Szigeti, an avant sounding approach and a kind of declamatory rhapsodism without undue sentiment" (Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review) - Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

"As on the previous album (and as with Mark Feldman), the Krier's playing alternates between acid lyricism and pearled squealings" "it is an adventurous album with explorer sense and for the listener, it is one of the really amazing things to have at home." (CD review of "Laghima") - David Cristol - JazzImprov Magazine France

"Her open approach to all influences carries (good) surprises. On "Devoted" (recorded in 2007) each song is clearly different from the previous, the unity of the album nevertheless ensures an interesting quartet. Recorded in Berlin, "Devoted" would not be odd on Tzadik (we think at times of the trio / quartet Davka, responsible for several estimable patties on the label, and the formation Tin Hat Trio conducted by the violinist no less than Carla Kihlstedt). This is a brave self-production, well designed and balanced." "An honest record, singular and promising. And an artist who would be good to listen to on stage." - David Cristol - JazzImprov Magazine France

"...and after the show i had a pleasure to watch one of the best Violinist ever in my life, with such great energy and improvise! Frederika Krier " - Turquinho Filho, drummer

“'Devoted' is a most impressive debut from a fine violinist who has yet to turn 30. The title seems most appropriate since Frederika Krier is obviously devoted to her playing, composing and bandleading. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery” - Bruce Lee Gallanter - Downtown Music Gallery

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