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Female Frontier Fundraiser Benfitting Girls, Inc. 

Female Frontier flyer.jpg

New Activist Group, Female Frontier, to Host Fundraiser Benefiting Girls, Inc. 


On Sunday, August 27th, 2017, from 4-7pm, open to the public, everyone is invited to nancy manocherian’s the cell 338 W, 23rd Street New York, NY 10011 to attend Female Frontier, a fundraiser benefiting Girls Inc. There will be a silent auction, retail merchandise for sale, raffle, open bar, and performance pieces. The proceeds will be put into a scholarship for a local Girl’s Inc chapter. 

Spearheaded by DeAnna Powell and Jazmine Nossier, the goal of Female Frontier is to choose varied methods to impact and empower females. In this case, Girls inc was chosen because it helps offer the education and mentorship which can help produce well-rounded individuals who eventually impact their communities. Female Frontier is a first time effort of women whose aim is to inspire other women. Their wish is to hold more fundraisers for other causes in the future.                                                    

For more information about the event, or how to donate, please reach out to DeAnna Powell ( - Tel: 305-924-0237)