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ShoutHouse 2015-2016 Kick Off season

7:00 pm: Doors
7:30 pm: QNA
8:00 pm: ShoutHouse

ShoutHouse, one of NYC's most unique and engaging bands, will kick off their 2015-16 season with a show at the cell. BlastOff showcases ShoutHouse's trademark sound, a seamless synthesis of hip-hop, jazz, and art music, with tons of new music featuring more than 15 musicians.

The program will include a premiere by ShoutHouse composer/performer Jesse Greenberg, as well as music by Michael Torke, Judd Greenstein, Will Healy and Aaron Ewing.

Featured performers include MC's Jai Issa, Nuri Hazzard, and Sik Nik, soprano Mikaela Bennett and saxophonist Benjamin Chin. 

Opening for ShoutHouse is the jazz / hip-hop fusion band, QNA. Their cerebral lyricism and heavy improvisation culminates in a highly energetic set that has impressed many. They strive to find a perfect balance between the complexity of jazz and the accessibility of hip-hop.

Admission: $10.00