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Lisa Pegher - Controlled Chaos

With Chris Hemingway, Saxophone

Controlled Chaos has a lot to do with its name. Pegher wanted to create a group that could explore where she is evolving as a musician and that presents music in its truest, rawest form improvisation... This concept developed as she began to see that we too often take what other people are doing and saying as truth instead of reaching inside ourselves to find our own truth and our own voices. We are constantly told that things are supposed to be a certain way, that we have to abide by certain rules and live by preconceived notions.
Everything seems to get put into boxes, labeled, then set aside. This never made any sense to Pegher, especially when it comes to music.

Controlled Chaos is her musical voice against this concept and against the rules. It's the idea that everything is in some sense "Controlled Chaos". But when things are out of control, real change happens, and then things are in more control, in a larger sense. 
The core of the group began with Pegher on drums/percussion/effects and Chris Hemingway on saxophone and has evolved into more of a avant band with different guest musicians.  Since it's all chaos, it's forever changing, so to describe it would be impossible. You'll just have to witness it.

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