MAVERICKS – Composers as Performers

AME's 11th SEASON celebrates 25 American composers, 20 musicians and 8 singers.

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AME kicks off its eleventh season with a program featuring AME composers who perform and will celebrate the release of our long-awaited Mavericks album, featuring innovative composer-performers. Copies available for purchase at the show before the official street release on November 17. 

Robert Dick: Book of Shadows
Dave Eggar: Midnight Dachau
Michael Lowenstern: Little Bit • Drift
Sean McClowry: Parting the Waters
Jessica Meyer: Source of Joy • Hello • Into the Vortex
Robert Paterson: Braids • Komodo

Robert Dick, bass flute
Dave Eggar, cello
Mike Lowenstern, bass clarinet
Sean McClowry, double bass
Jessica Meyer, viola
Robert Paterson, marimba
Victoria Paterson, violin
Max ZT, hammered dulcimer