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ShoutHouse - 8:00 pm

Founded and directed by composer and pianist Will Healy, ShoutHouse is a group of musicians with passions for hip-hop, jazz, and classical music that began playing together in Brooklyn in 2012. By exploring the ways that these diverse genres interact with each other, ShoutHouse's music brings together the complex structures of contemporary classical music with the rhythms and poetry of hip hop and the freedom of jazz.

To celebrate the end of fundraising for their debut album, ShoutHouse will perform an evening of new, genre-bending works onMay 21st. There will be six world premieres, written by three composers in the group: director Will Healy and percussionists Jesse Greenberg and Aaron Ewing.

The program will also include Judd Greenstein's "Four on the Floor" for string quartet, a groove-based, rock-influenced work for virtuosic players. Featured hip hop artist Jai Issa will be at the mic with female vocalist Julia Anrather, alongside balkan clarinetist/saxophonist Connell Thompson.

Don't miss out! Tickets are $10 at the door.